Our vision is to support a life of adventure, creativity and freely expressing yourself. To live a conscious and mindful existence where our choices leave our world better than when we found it. We are here to empower each other to take the lead, and to never miss a moment on this journey called life.


Carrie is on a mission to never miss a moment! 
We believe in living for now, being present, in-flow and in tune with our surroundings.  We want to help others simplify life by connecting technology with innovation, freeing you up to follow your dreams and live the life you want. 
Carrie is the partner in crime you’ve been waiting for, the dynamic link between you and your phone. A smartphone case with purpose, Carrie is designed for life, and is always moving with you through the precious moments you encounter along the way. 

We believe in igniting opportunities, enhancing performance and maximising productivity, whilst minimising the impact on mother earth. 

We are for the wanderers, the makers and the shakers, those who believe in purposeful living, creativity, expression and have a passion for life.


To simplify life through innovative design.
To enhance the freedom to be forever present, to reach for your dreams and never miss a moment.
To inspire creativity, movement, self expression and a mindful lifestyle. 
To leave the world a better place through sustainable practices.


We do no harm

Carrie is designed to make things right. We believe everybody has the opportunity to make a difference and we strive to leave our piece of the world better than we found it, that is why our cases are 100% compostable and biodegradable.

We strive to contribute to a circular economy that encourages regeneration. To ensure the highest production standards and eliminate excess waste, our pieces are made in limited quantities. 

In consideration of our environment we do not use unnecessary plastic in our packaging. Our courier bags are made from 100% recycled material and are reusable and recyclable.

We are not perfect but we are always looking for new ways we can improve our sustainability practices to minimise our impact on mother earth.

We take the lead

We believe in making purposeful products that add value to our lives, encourage presence and make a difference to the planet. 
When we are truly present and live in the moment, this is when the magic happens. The moments of inspiration that keep the wheels turning to create the once unimaginable opportunities for everyone. 
We strive to lead by example through innovative and sustainable products with a purpose and empower others to do the same.

We strive to empower

By putting your phone on a lead, we empower you to take life into your hands, allowing you the freedom to take charge of your dreams and soak up all the juicy moments life has to offer. 
We strive to inspire self expression, individuality, creativity and experimentation. We believe functionality doesn’t have to be boring, that is why the Carrie aesthetics are carefully considered to produce a sleek, minimal look and feel to fit in with your own personal style.