Say hello to your new partner in crime.

The Paracord is both soft and durable - perfect for your everyday adventures. 

This colour blend features cream and hues of blue. A premium cord with a matte metal adjuster that’s built to last.

The eco-friendly metal ends unscrew and rethread easily; making the process of detaching your phone and switching between Paracords and Lanyards quick and effortless. 

Throw on this easy to wear style and never miss a moment. 

This uncomplicated process allows you to keep using all previous accessories when you decide to get a new phone - simply replace your current Carrie Case model.

Our detachable Paracord can be combined with all available Carrie Cases.


  • Soft premium cord made from Polyester 
  • Robust metal hardware
  • Total length: 1.5 m
  • Length adjustable
  • Lightweight and durable

    Also available in Khaki/Mandarin 

    Please note:

    Handle with care and at your own risk. Please ensure that the Paracord end caps are always tight to avoid losing them. Scratches may occur from the metal end caps. Our products consist of small parts so please be mindful around little people.